You are very welcome to bring your child and whānau to visit with us as you are making up your mind about joining our Our Kids whānau.

You can come into the centre at any time during business hours. Alternatively, phone or email us to make an appointment. Our teachers are always available to show you around the centres and discuss the enrolment process.

Before your child starts at one of Our Kids centres please provide the following:

Young boy in hat filling up bucket with water in sandpit.
Girl in hat looking at camera in Our Kids Glen Eden


Settling into a new preschool environment can be an exciting and sensitive time for children and parents. We aim to facilitate a positive transitions into early childhood education to ensure children and their families feel safe and welcome.

We believe every child is unique and respect any routines developed at home that the child brings to the centre. We value and appreciate any information you can share with us regarding your child’s routines, preferences and personality.

Before starting at Our Kids early childhood centres, we recommend three pre-visits:

  1. On the first visit parents are invited to stay at the centre with their child and get to know staff and centre routines. This is a great opportunity for staff to chat with parents about their child. Staff take parents through a ‘parent induction’ process so you’ll know where everything is and what you need to do.
  2. On the second visit parents are invited to spend time again at the centre with their child, but a teacher will now take the lead and assist your child in the settling process.
  3. On the third visit we ask the parent to leave the child at the centre for a short period.

On your child’s first day at Our Kids we request that parents say goodbye to their child and let them know they will return to collect them later on. Teachers can assist children in fare welling family/whānau members and will support their transition into learning. A well done goodbye lets children feel secure in that parents will return as opposed to simply disappearing at any moment.

Play, exploration and quality learning can often become wet and messy, so please dress your children in clothes that are comfortable and easily washed:

  • Two/three changes of clothes clearly labelled
  • For children in nappies provide at least five nappies for each day your child attends
  • In summer ensure your child has a clearly labelled hat and apply sunblock before coming to the centre
  • In winter please ensure your child has warm hat, jacket and gumboots