Our Kids Early Learning Centre caters to children aged 6 months up to 5 years. We believe that mixed-age groups in daycare offer numerous benefits to the children in our care. Our teachers are allowed the opportunity to capitalise on differences in the experiences, knowledge, and abilities of children of different ages. Contact us today to enrol at our nearest early learning childcare centre.


Our larger centres, Mataki Way and Onehunga childcare centres offer separate areas for infants and toddlers under 2 and older children aged 2 and up. Nonetheless, we will still integrate the same philosophies wherever possible, ensuring all our children enjoy the benefits of mixed-age groupings.

We are as committed to providing appropriate, consistent, and individualised care and attention to our under-2s as we are to our over-2s, and ensure all our children have opportunities to learn at all our early learning childcare centres.

Young boy in a mixed aged setting in Glen Eden daycare centre.
Mixed age Groups playing in artificial outdoor cave at Our Kids Early Learning Centre daycare


Mixed-aged groups in daycare encourage children to participate and contribute in far more complex activities and learning experiences than they would on their own or in groups of their own peers. Our teachers ensure our younger children are allowed the time and space for uninterrupted play, and the freedom to explore and interact with the older children and their environment. Older children can also learn valuable life skills and social skills that will assist their transition to school, such as nurturing younger children, leadership, and role modelling.


At Our Kids, we believe strong relationships are important. Our teachers observe and listen to gestures, body movements, facial expressions, and sounds to recognise and respond meaningfully toward children’s needs and interests. Caregiving routines such as feeding and nappy changing provide natural opportunities for quality time and to promote attachment with teachers.

Our teachers are familiar with research on how the infant brain develops. With this knowledge, we support children and foster their curiosity. We work to provide open-ended objects and experiences, offering opportunities for child-initiated learning to help under-2 children learn and grow.

I feel Cohen has benefited greatly from being in a mixed aged environment, interacting and making friends with children of all ages. As he has had the opportunity to interact with the babies and infants in the centre, he has learnt to be gentle and caring towards younger children. This was evident to us when his baby sister arrived recently and he was so loving towards her and knew what appropriate behaviour was around her. Cohen loves to play in the beautiful outdoor area which has many different areas to explore, and activities to challenge him and burn off some of his energy!
- Rachel Mitchell, Glendale Rd, Glen Eden