Our Glendale Road and Mataki Way centres in Glen Eden and Onehunga centre provide food cooked onsite. Our resident chefs plan meals for morning, lunch and afternoon breaks taking into consideration nutritional guidelines, and any special dietary requirements such as allergies. We have created a four-week cycle menu in collaboration with families and in-sync with the NZ Heart Foundation’s guidelines.

At Our Kids, your child will enjoy delicious whole foods, unprocessed healthy snacks and meals. We believe that the relationship between nutrition, health and learning is undeniably strong and appreciate the impact we have in establishing healthy eating habits for your child. Opportunities for children to prepare and cook are provided so children can develop working theories about nutrition.

Blueberry muffins made by our chef at Our Kids Early Learning Mataki Way.
Banana and blueberry pancakes cooked by our chef at our childcare centre in Glen Eden


Our teachers create mealtime rituals where they are aware of children’s (even young babies) bodily needs by reading their cues and needs. We see these times as a wonderful opportunity to promote relationships, language, independence and self-help skills. Teachers also supervise children to ensure they are eating well and sit to minimise choking.

The cook and our teachers are aware of foods which are more likely to cause choking and reduce the risk of young children choking on these foods.