Transition to School

Preparing Little Minds for Life

When young children are learning in preschool education environments they’re gathering the skills, knowledge and dispositions to cope with the diverse challenges of life, including the more immediate challenge of starting school.

During early childhood at Our Kids the foundations for literacy and numeracy, decision making, perseverance, patience and creativity are developed through a range of play based learning experiences. Self-help and self-care skills are fostered within the children, along with the development of social competence leading up to the transition to school.

Te Whariki at Our Kids

Teachers at Our Kids Early Learning Centres are guided by Te Whāriki, weaving a holistic curriculum in response to children’s learning and development in the early childhood setting and the wider context of the child’s world. The children at Our Kids continually set their own goals and choose their own learning paths, make their own decisions, and construct their own understandings in a stimulating, challenging, and responsive environment, alongside teachers who support them to widen and deepen their learning.

Self Directed Learning Paths

Children develop deep understandings when they’re able to choose learning paths that interest them before concentrating and exploring for extended periods of time over days, weeks, months and even years, with minimal interruptions. They learn persistence and patience when they’re able to return to their own chosen pursuits day after day.

“We looked at quite a few daycares when the time came for me to go back to work. Nico was 2 years old and Kaino was 5 months old. None of the other daycares we looked quite felt right but when we arrived at ‘ Our Kids’ Nico took a glance inside and ran off to play straight away. After I had a talk to the staff that work there and asked all my questions that I wanted answered, Nico did not want to leave as he enjoyed it there so much! So really my little boy chose his daycare all by himself.
The staff are all lovely and are fully trained in early childhood education. My boys love going to daycare and really look at it as their second home away from home. Nico is starting school in a few weeks now and is well prepared for it. I am so happy that we found ‘Our Kids’ and can only recommend them.”
Ilona Adams,
Glendale Rd, Glen Eden