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Our staff are selected for their knowledge of early childhood, their expertise in providing appropriate educational programmes, their compassion for children and their philosophy of education and early childhood development. Our teachers are qualified early childhood educators and undertake regular professional development to keep them abreast of the current trends in our field.

Our teachers participate in a yearly appraisal programme where management and teachers can reflect on strengths, weaknesses and goals and plan for the following year.

All qualified teachers are expected to maintain current Teacher Registration and first aid certification. Registration ensures that teachers go on to participate in professional development throughout their careers and that satisfactory teaching and knowledge standards are maintained. We undertake a series of safety checking steps when appointing all staff at this centre.

Katerina Longo, ECE teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glen Eden

Katerina Longo

Head Teacher

Kia ora, my name is Kate and I am the head teacher at Our Kids Glen Eden. I have been working with the wonderful Our Kids team since 2019 but have 14 years experience in the early childhood sector. I hold a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education.

I have a calm and caring approach towards tamariki, and building whānaungatanga/relationships with whānau and tamariki is extremely important to me. I have a deep respect for our people of the future and nurture children with aroha and patience so they feel secure enough to blossom and develop into strong capable learners.

After having my own child in 2017, my passion and commitment to the early years has deepened even further which makes me relate and understand the beautiful and sometimes challenging parts of parenting. I am dedicated to helping young tamariki grow emotional, social and developmental skills to promote their overall well-being. Here at Our Kids Glen Eden, our team is passionate and works well together to ensure that we have an understanding and respect of Te Ao Māori and te taiao the environment. This is something I am inspired to continue to learn more about.

Laura Price, Assistant Head Teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glen Eden.

Laura Price

ECE Teacher

Maureen Donovan, cook at Our Kids Early Learning Glen Eden

Maureen Donovan


Sarah Small ECE Teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glen Eden

Sarah Small

ECE Teacher

Shimeah Tulisi, ECE teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glen Eden

Shimeah Tulisi

ECE Teacher

Rochelle Cole, Assistant Head Teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glendene.

Rochelle Cole

ECE Teacher

Sarah Barry

Under 2 Head Teacher

Hi, I’m Sarah and I joined the Our Kids family in September 2019.  I hold a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and I have been teaching for the last 12 years.

My passion is to foster a calm, relaxing environment in order to create opportunities for children to explore freely. I am influenced by the works of Emmi Pikler and Madga Gerber, and I teach with a respectful approach to care and education which forms the basis of my teaching philosophy.  I am constantly learning from the children by slowing down, observing the children and seeing them for who they are in order to build trusting, authentic relationships. Building strong relationships with tamariki, family and whanau is imperative and underpins all my work.

Outside of work I am a mother of 3 Children Olivia 16, Liam 12 and Mila 8. I am proud to be part of the teaching team here in the Glen Haven room where respect, patience and love are valued and encouraged.

Chynelle Pereira, Over 2s Team Leader at Our Kids Early Learning Mataki Way

Chynelle Pereira

Over 2s Head Teacher

Kia ora and hello! I Chynelle hail from India, the land of festivals. New Zealand became home to me in 2014 when I arrived here to complete my graduate diploma in Early Childhood Education from New Zealand Tertiary College. Back home in India, I completed my Bachelors in Sociology and History and my first year of Masters in History.

The passion for teaching emerged as I have grown up in a family filled with a majority of teachers. Watching them day in and day out inspired me to take it up as a profession. I’m glad to say that I enjoy and love every bit of it. I feel privileged to be part of an amazing team here at Our Kids, Mataki Way.

My philosophy and practice is moulded around a famous children’s advocate Magda Gerber where strong emphasis is given to respectful practice. I believe it aligns well with my beliefs of providing a stimulating, challenging yet safe and fun environment where children can naturally unfold their strengths and interests. I aim to nurture, encourage and support the children and families in the best way possible.

Chelsie Willis, Under 2 Teacher at daycare centre in Glen Eden

Chelsie Willis

Under 2s Teacher

Eleele Afoa, Under 2s teacher at Our Kids Mataki Way

Eleele Afoa

Under 2s Teacher

Fei Li

Under 2s Teacher

Samantha Faytaren ECE Teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Mataki Way

Samantha Faytaren

Under 2s Teacher

Monika Tomesova

Under 2s Teacher

Agnes Juhasz, Over 2s teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Mataki Way

Agnes Juhasz

Over 2s Teacher

Akesa Beratabua, under 2s teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Mataki Way.

Akesa Beratabua

Over 2s Teacher

Anna-Maria Rebiger

Over 2s Teacher

Atiqa, Over 2s Early Childhood Teacher at Our Kids Mataki Way in Glen Eden

Atiqa Tariq

Over 2s Teacher

Haley Henderson

Over 2s Teacher

Nancy Bhayana over 2s teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Mataki Way

Nancy Bhayana

Over 2s Teacher

Tessa Taurere, Head Teacher at Our Kids Glendene Childcare Centre

Tessa Taurere

Head Teacher

Kia Ora,

My name is Tessa Taurere and I am Head Teacher at Glendene Our Kids. I graduated with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in 2015, and have been teaching ever since. In this time I have had experience working as an under 2’s kaiako, a Visiting Teacher for a home-based care company, and the last 3-4 years have been in a Head Teacher role.

I have four boys of my own aged from 11-21, and have lived in West Auckland all my life. My passion for ECE began when my own babies went to Kindergarten, and learning about what was valuable to their early years journey.

I have a strong passion for bi-culturalism in Aotearoa, and the implementation of te reo me nga tikanga Maori throughout my teaching practice, as well as promoting the importance of the emotional well-being in our tamariki.

I look forward to building strong relationships with our tamariki and whanau, and providing a learning environment that is fun, safe, and nurturing, to share our many enriching learning experiences in.

Ashley Fortes, ECE teacher at Our Kids Glendene

Ashley Fortes

ECE Teacher

Emma Gill, ECE teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glendene.

Emma Hutchings

ECE Teacher

Janelle Chung

ECE Teacher

Michaela Dovey, ECE teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glendene.

Michaela Dovey

ECE Teacher

Chloe Jones

Student Teacher

Divya Chand Over 2s Head Teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Centre Onehunga

Divya Chand

Over 2s Head Teacher

I am a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. I completed my degree through Manukau Institute of Technology. I have a passion for early childhood education and have thoroughly enjoyed my 3 years of training. I previously worked in various customer service roles for 5 years and worked as a support worker for an year, until I decided to follow my passion for education. I believe that every child should be given every opportunity to grow into happy, healthy, confident individuals. I am very passionate about working with children and being part of their little world. I believe that there is a lot to learn from children itself and that is something I really love about this job. Working as a support worker previously, I have gained great knowledge and experience of working with children and adults with mental and physical disabilities which is has sparked deep interest in me to care for children with special needs.

I look forward to working closely with the children, parents/whanau of Our Kids.

Sue Lydamore Under 2s head teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Centre Onehunga

Sue Lydamore

Under 2s Head Teacher

My name is Sue and I am the Head Teacher in our Nursery here at Our Kids. My life purpose is to support, inspire and motivate other to achieve their own aspirations for themselves. I feel privileged to be involved and a part of the changes that take place as children develop and learn as they grow. I love working with children, parents and whanau.

It is paramount for me to create and be part of an environment which has and shows aroha (love), warmth, friendliness, respect, and is safe and stimulating for children. I believe this is what nurtures and supports children’s growth, development and learning. My approach to teaching is to enhance and enrich children’s learning and development through positive guidance and support. I value and am committed to learning and think it is vital for me to continue ongoing professional development and to always keep an open mind.

Outside of the centre my hobbies include; the gym, walking and hiking.

Anna Mcleod ECE teacher at Our Kids Onehunga Childcare Centre

Anna Mcleod

Under 2s Teacher

Christina Raines

Under 2s Teacher

Renuka Karki

Under 2s Teacher

Solene Sigley, ECE teacher at Our Kids Onehunga childcare centre

Solene Sigley

Under 2s Teacher

Amanda Gorst-Rolls

Over 2s Teacher

Heloisa Diniz Lopez

Over 2s Teacher

Jenny Hoe-Oon ECE Teacher at Our Kids Onehunga Childcare

Jenny Hoe-Oon

Over 2s Teacher

Juliana Feyter ECE Teacher at Our Kids Onehunga Childcare

Juliana Feyter

Over 2s Teacher

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Kaio Atkins-Graham

Over 2s Teacher

Rochelle Cole, Assistant Head Teacher at Our Kids Early Learning Glendene.

Rochelle Cole

ECE Teacher

Jennifer Block Chef at Our Kids Onehunga Day Care Centre

Jennifer Block


Simone Gavin Administrator at Our Kids Onehunga Daycare

Simone Gavin


A highly responsive and respectful curriculum supports the development of children's dispositions for learning. Children confidently explore the centre, leading their own learning through play. They engage enthusiastically with stimulating and open-ended resources. Teachers skilfully extend their learning, creativity and problem solving. Relationships of support are strongly evident between children.
- ERO Report 2019, Beazley Place, Glendene
Teaching is responsive to individual children's needs and teachers make links to children's experiences outside of the centre. Teachers are increasing their knowledge of te ao Māori perspectives by participating in professional development. As a result, they are continuing to strengthen bicultural aspects of the curriculum.
- ERO Report 2018, Glendale Road, Glen Eden