At Our Kids, our childcare environments are enriched with love, and the atmosphere is calm and nurturing. We believe that the environment is a third teacher to your children, after educators and the children themselves.

Our Kids early childcare centres are small, with intentionally designed learning environments where the numerous, varied spaces belong to the children. Our natural childcare environments support self-directed exploration, discovery, experimentation, and the building of knowledge in children. Continue reading to learn more about our thoughtful and innovative childcare environment or click on the button below to enroll today.

Interior photo of the wooden house built in the over 2s area of purpose built childcare centre in Glen Eden
Close up of the setups on tables in the over 2s area in Our Kids Early Learning daycare centre in Glen Eden


When creating our interior spaces, we pay close attention to natural elements, and authentic materials that are commonly used in adult spaces. Carefully chosen furniture, objects, and open-ended resources have been organised in calm and comfortable environments, encouraging children to think, solve problems, and be creative. Photos of our children and their artwork, along with plants and mirrors, are used to decorate the interiors of Our Kids centres.

Outdoor environment of purpose built childcare centre in Glen Eden
Outdoor photo of the under 2s area in new purpose built childcare centre in Glen Eden


At Our Kids, we believe in fostering tamariki’s innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. We strive to help create a world that is sustainable for present and future generations. Designed with an eye for childcare, outdoor environments at Our Kids early learning centres aim to help tamariki understand more about the living world, and how to care for it.

We’ve designed our outdoor learning environments to encourage physical activity and environmental education, with natural outdoor areas where young children can interact with natural materials. Some examples of our natural environments include streams that run off recycled rainwater, sensory herbs and vegetable gardens, pebble-mixed concrete paths, and a beautiful stained glass fence window.

Interior photo of kitchen at new purpose built day care centre in Glen Eden
Close up of the plants and garden in Our Kids Glendene childcare centre
Interior photo of the over 2s room at Our Kids Early Learning Mataki Way
Photo of the children's woodworking table at Our Kids daycare in Glen Eden
Close up photo of the flowers in the outdoor environment of Our Kids Glendene daycare centre.