Childcare Environment

Environment as Third Teacher

Our environment is a place of beauty both inside and out. Our learning environment is enriched with love and the atmosphere is calm and nurturing.

Our Kids early childcare centres are small with intentionally designed learning environments where the various and many spaces belong to the children to support self-directed exploration, discovery, experimentation and the building of their knowledge.

Outside: Our Kids Centres

At Our Kids we believe in fostering the tamariki’s innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life and in ensuring a world that is sustainable for present and future generations. We aim to generate in children a sense of respect and responsibility for the well-being of both the living and non-living environment; and to foster children’s working theories about the living world and knowledge of how to care for it. Some examples of our outside environments are the streams that run off recycled rain water, pebble mixed concrete paths, sensory herbs and creepers that drop autumn leaves, vegetable gardens and a beautiful stained glass fence window.

Inside: Our Kids Centres

Some key things that we consider when creating our inside spaces are aesthetics (colour, cozy spaces, etc), natural elements and authentic materials that are commonly seen or used in adult spaces. Carefully chosen furniture, objects and open-ended resources organised in calm and comfortable environments encourage children to think, problem solve and be creative. Children’s artwork, their photos, along with plants and mirrors are used to decorate the interiors of Our Kids centres.