Education Programmes

Early childhood education within carefully prepared environments designed to facilitate the development of independence and a sense of empowerment, at Our Kids we strive to deliver the greatest educational achievement – the love of learning – by equipping children to become independent, capable and successful learners … for life.

Limitless Opportunities

Our Kids early childhood education programme means your children will experience a planned and emergent curriculum that will build on their experiences, knowledge, skills, attitudes, needs, interests and views of the world. Our education programmes provide children with rights and limitless opportunities to learn and develop to their potential as well as to share and participate fully in the teaching and learning process.


Create, Discover, Expirement

Children learn through imitation, imagination and inquiry, and our teachers support these themes through actively listening to children and responding to their needs and interests. We believe in observing and tuning in to what children are doing, in order to build on their learning. This is opposed to interfering with their desire to explore, discover and engage with their spontaneous imaginations.

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Childcare Environment

Our environment is a place of beauty both inside and out. Our learning environment is enriched with love and the atmosphere is calm and nurturing.

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Mixed Aged Groupings

Our Kids early childhood centres cater for children aged 6 months through to 5 years. We believe mixed aged groupings offer many benefits to the children in our care and allows our teachers to capitalise on differences in the experiences, knowledge and abilities of different ages of children.

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