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What does my child need to succeed?
We all want our children to succeed in life. Your idea of what success looks like might be a happy child, someone else might think success is a child that is learning to their full potential and someone else might think a successful child is one that is obedient and behaves by the rules. Whichever way, we need to ensure your child has a full kete in order for them to achieve success. This means we must meet their needs. Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ demonstrates 5 levels of different needs that adults and children’s lives are motivated by. The needs at the bottom of the pyramid are more important and must be met first in order to meet the needs at the top and for the person to meet their full potential and gain success.
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Why should we practice yoga with our children?
Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the way we are currently living our day to day lives. Our ‘lack of control’ over the current situation and uncertainty about the future has caused many of us to experience some level of stress or anxiety. This is also a time when children can experience anxiety and uncertainty as their daily routines are turned upside down. Practicing Yoga and mindfulness with your children can be used as a helpful tool to support their physical, emotional and cognitive development in a fun, exciting and creative way.
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What does school readiness look like?
When parents think of school readiness, subject skills such as the ability to write their name, count up to 20 or recite the alphabet are often the usual things that come to mind.
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Why choose a mixed-age centre?
When I show new parents around our mixed-age early childhood centre I often see the same expression. It’s a look of slight concern or worry. Usually once they feel comfortable in our space they will ask the questions behind that expression.
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