What our familes and others say about Our Kids Early Learning Centre…

“The centre manager is committed to providing good quality early childhood education. She has established useful strategic and management plans to guide the future direction of the centre. She provides very good professional learning for teachers to promote ongoing improvement in teaching practice throughout the centre. There is a good policy framework to guide centre operations and to help ensure health and safety requirements are met. A useful teacher appraisal system is in place and the manager uses an external appraiser to challenge and improve her own teaching and leadership practice.”

Extract from ERO (Education Review Office) report for Our Kids Glen Eden Centre

“Leo loved the 18 months he spent at Our Kids, and it was a difficult choice for us to have to move him to a centre with slightly longer hours to accommodate a change in our lifestyle. Although Leo has settled well into his new centre he still remembers with fondness the warm and caring staff at Our Kids and is keen to go back for a visit. He often says hi or bye to “old day care” as we drive past! “Our Kids” is a wonderful centre with a very inclusive ‘family’ feel about it. I always found the staff to be very approachable and easy to talk to. I loved that every child was greeted by name as they walk in in the morning.”

Glendale Rd, Glen Eden

Our Kids is a really lovely centre my 4 year old loves it there the teachers are caring especially the head teacher they are very accommodating to your needs and the atmosphere is great although I have always been wary of sending my babies to a daycare my 15 month old has recently started there and it really hasn’t taken her long to settle both my girls are always there with a smile on their face when I pick them up. I also love that the babies and older children are all in together as my baby with two older sisters loves the older kids.The teachers can see I am a busy stressed mum of three and even wash my daughters special bear and blankie I really recommend this centre to anyone who is looking.

Charlotte Elizabeth Owens, 
Beazley Place, Glendene

“My daughter has attended Our Kids Centre for a year, and I always pick her up with a smile on her face. She loves her teachers! I greatly appreciate the immense time and energy the teachers dedicate to the kids, and maintaining the centre. The centre has an excellent philosophy including kindness and respect for others, which is reflected in the children’s play, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this centre to my friends and family!”

Julie Thomas Reddy, 
Glendale Rd, Glen Eden

On Friday 2nd February was my girls last day, after been there since she was 1 1/2 years old, it was a sad, but happy day, they put on a little graduation for her and the things said about Katie from teacher and children was just awesome, I know I’ve loved every bit of my girl being at our kids, my girl has even more so. Would like to say a huge thank you once again for everything, I highly recommend and appreciate everything the centre stands for you guys do a fantastic job.

Monique Elliot, 
Beazley Pl, Glendene

“My daughter started last February (2016), after being at home with me (her overly neurotic Mummy) for four years… it was the best choice we could have made (we investigated a few centres believe me) they are supportive, caring and are passionate about what they do. The children are well looked after, and a very caring… Daddy bear said all they need to do now is have after school care and we’d be set ha ha ha  it’s going to be very hard when Keziah leaves the Glen Eden centre in July, the children there were her first ever friends that weren’t related to her, and the teachers the only other adults outside of family Keziah is comfortable around Thank you Our Kids 

Carol Blake, 
Glendale Rd, Glen Eden

“My son has been at Our Kids Glendene for over a year now and I’m very pleased by his growth there. I have seen his confidence increase, his social skills improve, his overall learning and development thrive with the guidance and support of his teachers. Highly recommend!”

Yelena Leonova Vladmirova Denton, 
Beazley Pl, Glendene

“The staff at Our Kids cared for both my daughter and myself while settling into the centre. Staff listened and responded to my apprehension, building trust and confidence regarding leaving my daughter. I now am comfortable and have no hesitation in saying good bye, I love picking up my daughter hearing about her day and knowing she is in caring hands. She has absolutely flourished being at Our Kids and is confident and happy. I highly recommend Our Kids’ Glendene.”

Beazley Place, Glendene

“Our Kids Glen Eden has been such a positive and nurturing centre for our son. They have worked with us to create a consistent approach to learning and behaviour which has worked wonders. We have now started our daughter at the centre and look forward to seeing her learn and grow as our son has.”

Trina McKim, 
Glendale Rd, Glen Eden