At Our Kids, we don’t use bouncers, highchairs or other baby seats, instead we place our babies on their backs on a blanket, rug or mat and let them freely explore? This is called free movement, a term which can be described as never putting a baby into a position she cannot get into or out of all by herself (Gerber, 2002) and to us this is vital to the natural development of an infant.

Meet Vai, Vai is 6 months old and while she LOVES a good snuggle with her teachers, she mostly enjoys hanging out on the floor. When staff place Vai on her back on the floor, she will automatically roll over to her tummy and begin to try pull herself forward using the strength in her arms. By allowing Vai time and space to freely explore her own body, she has developed natural strength and confidence which is beautiful to watch.

Emmi Pikler sums this up beautiful by stating ‘If we give children enough space and possibilities for free movement, they will learn to move as beautifully and graceful as animals; nimbly, simply, confidently and naturally’- Dr Emmi Pikler

Written by: Michaela Dovey