Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community- Anthony J. D’Angelo

At Glendene centre we are passionate about creating partnerships with our parents, families and wider community and nurture and celebrate these relationships through events such as cultural nights, Christmas parties and other events throughout the year. Last Friday we celebrated Mother’s Day. This event was planned with care in consultation with our children who all had their own ideas about what they wanted to do to acknowledge the special women in their lives and it was because of them, that this day really came together. We were joined on Friday afternoon by our beautiful mothers, grandmothers and aunts to share kai, paint nails, receive hand massages by one of our lovely mamas and celebrate together.

Te Whāriki acknowledges the involvement of the wider world of family and community, through responsive and reciprocal relationships, as critical to the development and growth of a child (Ministry of Education, [MoE], 1996).  It is this partnership between child, parent and teacher that contributes towards achieving the aspiration statement of Te Whāriki (MoE, 1996).

Written by: Michaela Dovey